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Gaff was sent by his superior, Captain Harry Bryantto retrieve Deckard in order to give him the assignment. He presented his compulsory invitation to Deckard in Cityspeakwhich Deckard pretended not to understand. Deckard learned of the escaped replicants and his job to retire them before word got out to the public that there were replicants on Earth.

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Gaff, meanwhile, constructed an origami chicken. After leaving the Tyrell Corporation and introducing Deckard to RachaelGaff and Deckard went to the replicant Leon Kowalski 's apartment at Hunterwasser to investigate his whereabouts. While Deckard explored the bathroom, finding several scales belonging to ZhoraGaff created more origami.

This time, he made a man with an erection. While Deckard traveled to the Bradbury ApartmentsGaff went to Deckard's apartment where Rachael — who was ordered to be retired — slept. Before leaving, Gaff left behind an origami unicorn. He met Deckard shortly after his final fight with the replicant leader Roy Battycomplimenting him on a job well-done.

He mockingly noted, referring to Rachael, "It's too bad she won't live, but then again, who does? Later, while Deckard retrieved Rachael from his apartment and they made their escape, he noticed one of Gaff's origami unicorn. After recalling Gaff's enigmatic final words, Deckard left. Gaff later died while on an assignment. Bryant attended his funeral and displayed some distaste towards the epitaph written in Cityspeak on Gaff's grave.

Katherine Haber suggested Edward James Olmos for the role. Olmos wore blue contact lenses for the role and along with Gaff's multi-ethnic background, Olmos mostly created the cityspeak on his own, using a variety of his own extensive language experience. During the events of the film, Gaff leaves several origami figures representing different animals.

Each has its own meaning, and there are many interpretations:. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Film Jeter books. Categories :. Cancel Save. Universal Conquest Wiki.Add gaffe to one of your lists below, or create a new one. Definitions Clear explanations of natural written and spoken English. Click on the arrows to change the translation direction. Follow us.

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Choose a dictionary. Clear explanations of natural written and spoken English. Usage explanations of natural written and spoken English. Word Lists. Choose your language. My word lists. Tell us about this example sentence:. The word in the example sentence does not match the entry word. The sentence contains offensive content. Cancel Submit. Your feedback will be reviewed. I made a real gaffe - I called his new wife "Judy", which is the name of his ex-wife.

You started eating before anyone else had been served? What a gaffe! Synonym faux pas. Compare slip noun.

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Faults and mistakes. Examples of gaffe. There are many well-presented examples, and few obvious gaffes or errors. From the Cambridge English Corpus. Aside from many inadequacies in relating the work to the relevant literature, this book is marred by numerous technical errors and gaffes. These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.

A negative event a scandal or gaffe would thus reduce the score by one for all days until the next event, when it would either increase or decrease by one. Campbell's tone of off-the-cuff approval or dismissal is exacerbated by some editorial gaffes.

We must get away from treating every issue as a gaffea split or a personality clash. From the Hansard archive. Example from the Hansard archive. Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the Open Parliament Licence v3.

That sounds like a gaffe but actually his aim was perfect. From Europarl Parallel Corpus - English.Cockfighting is a centuries-old blood sport in which two or more specially bred birds, known as gamecocks, are placed in an enclosed pit to fight, for the primary purposes of gambling and entertainment.

gaffs chicken meaning

A typical cockfight can last anywhere from several minutes to more than half an hour and usually results in the death of one or both birds.

Even birds who aren't killed during cockfights suffer terribly. Regardless of how exhausted or injured they become common injuries include punctured lungs, broken bones, and pierced eyesthe birds cannot escape from the fighting pit. The razor-sharp steel blades or "gaffs" which resemble 3-inch-long, curved ice picks tied to the birds' legs are so sharp and dangerous that cockfighters themselves have been killed when accidentally slashed by their own birds.

Law enforcement raids across the country have revealed several disturbing facets of this so-called sport. Gambling is the norm at cockfights. Thousands of dollars can exchange hands as spectators and animal owners wager large sums on their favorite birds. The owners of birds who win the most fights in a derby a series of cockfights may win tens of thousands of dollars of presumably unreported income. Firearms and other weapons are common at cockfights, mainly because of the large amounts of cash present.

In addition, cockfighting has been connected to other kinds of violence: newspaper reports of cockfighting-related homicide are not uncommon. Law enforcement officials have documented a strong connection between cockfighting and the distribution of illegal drugs.

gaffs chicken meaning

Drug enforcement agents often learn about animal fighting operations as a result of narcotics investigations. The presence of young children at cockfights is an especially disturbing element. Exposure to such brutality can promote insensitivity toward animal suffering and enthusiasm for violence. While it is true that birds will fight over food, territory, or mates, such fights are generally only to establish dominance within a group the pecking order and seldom result in serious injury.

This natural behavior is quite different from what happens in staged cockfights, where pairs of birds, bred for maximum aggression and sometimes given steroids or other drugs to make them more successful fightersare forced to fight until a winner is declared. While it is true that cockfighting has been practiced for centuries in various countries, including the United States, "old" does not necessarily mean right or even acceptable.

At one time the United States allowed slavery, lacked child abuse laws, and refused women the right to vote. It is illegal in every state, and most states specifically prohibit anyone from being a spectator at a cockfight.

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In addition, the federal Animal Welfare Act prohibits the interstate transport of any animal that is to be used in an animal fighting venture. We encourage prosecutors to indict those involved in cockfighting not only on illegal gaming charges, but also for conspiracy to commit a crime and illegal gambling.

If you live in one of the states where cockfighting is still only a misdemeanor, please write to your state legislators and urge them to make it a felony offense. We encourage you also to write letters to the media to increase public awareness of the dangers of cockfighting and to law enforcement officials to urge them to take the issue seriously.

If you suspect that cockfighting is going on in your own neighborhood, alert your local law enforcement agency and urge agency officials to contact the HSUS for practical tools, advice and assistance. Cockfighting fact sheet. Frank Loftus. The HSUS. What is cockfighting? How does it cause animal suffering?Forums New posts Search forums. Articles New articles New comments Search articles. Reviews New items New comments Latest reviews Search showcase.

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What does "buff" mean regarding chickens?

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What does "buff" mean regarding chickens? Thread starter Feanor Start date Jun 29, Our history is littered with gruesome and cruel pastimes involving the abuse of animals as a means of entertainment, and while most of these activities have long been made illegal, they are by no means gone for good.

Cockfightingfor instance, is a blood sport that has been around for hundreds of years and is one of the most atrocious events imaginable for the poor birds involved, yet in many countries around the world, it is still considered to be a mainstream activity and an integral part of the culture. During a cockfight, two cockerels are placed into a ring and are forced to fight until one of them is dead or so badly injured that it can no longer fight.

Birds who do not die during the fight are very often so badly injured and exhausted that they are killed anyway. Some common injuries that the cockerels receive include punctured lungs, pierced eyes, broken bones, and deep cuts. Cocks naturally fight with each other in the wild to establish territory or mating rights, but in these instances, serious injuries are rare as they back away and leave the area when they accept defeat.

In the cockfighting ring, they are routinely armed with blades or spikes which are attached to their feet. As part of the training and preparation process, cockerels usually have their combs and waddles skin under their beaks and atop their heads cut off to avoid them being injured during a fight.

Some also have the spurs cut off their legs so that sharp gaffs can be attached. The life of a fighting cockerel is tough, from the moment they hatch until the moment they die. They endure a lengthy training program which is designed to weed out the weaker ones from the batch so that trainers are left with only the strongest, most ferocious birds.

The birds who do not make the cut are simply killedand those who are deemed good enough to fight are sure to endure a painful and cruel death in the ring. One of the main reasons people attend cockfights is to gamble on the outcome, yet there is evidence that shows that underground cockfights are a common occurrence and that there is a large scale illegal circuit of trainers and fight organizers.

In addition to the illegal cockfights themselves, there are usually many other illegal activities taking place at the event including gambling, drug-taking, and gang violence, with one cockfight in Northern California resulting in a triple homicide. While cockfighting is now illegal in the U.

Cockfighting may be an underground activity in the U. Worldwide movements are also needed to highlight the true cruelty behind this popular cultural blood sport so that we can put an end to it once and for all. Being publicly-funded gives us a greater chance to continue providing you with high-quality content.

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gaffs chicken meaning

Please support us!Asked by Wiki User. A gaff for a chicken is a type of knife or hook. They are a curved spike that are typically attached to the chickens head to carry the bird after it has been killed. Exposing your skin to the elements can increase the risk of skin cancer.

Newspapers generate more sales by exposing the gaffs of politicians. Yes, there are chicken in chicken flavoured things. Grilled chicken. But it all depends on what you have on it. Chicken stock has other flavorings plus chicken broth. Chicken broth does not. Chicken I think. Hmmm I am really not sure maybe I dunno Vendors also deliver other products such as frito lay and mission tortillos. Chicken broth is what water turns into when you boil chicken in it.

It does not exactly contain chicken, but it does contain some of the chemical constituents of the chicken. A vantress cross chicken is a chicken that is crossed with a cobb chicken and a vantress chicken.

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They are a type of broiler chicken. When one culture is slowly harmed or taken over by another. It is a mutated and rabid mega-chicken.

Like a werewolf, but in chicken form. I like southern fried chicken. We have chicken for dinner. Are you a man or a chicken? Chicken satay, BBQ chicken, Fried chicken and grilled.

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Ask Question. Chickens and Roosters. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered What are the ratings and certificates for Own Goals and Gaffs - V? What actors and actresses appeared in More Own Goals and Gaffs - ? What actors and actresses appeared in Own Goals and Gaffs - ? What weapons did the First Nations have?Though movie and cinema buffs associate gaffer with Hollywood, the word actually pre-dates motion pictures by about years.

The first recorded use of gaffer dates from the 16th century, when it was used as a title of respect for an older gentleman. Later it was used as a generic noun for any elderly man, and then it picked up the sense "foreman" still used in British Englishperhaps because the foreman was the most experienced and, most likely, the oldest person in a work crew.

Today gaffer is usually applied to the head lighting electrician on a movie set. The gaffer's assistant is called the best boy. Examples of gaffer in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web Most complaints come from people who are expecting something like gaffer tape.

Send us feedback. See More First Known Use of gafferin the meaning defined at sense 1 History and Etymology for gaffer phonetic reduction of godfather entry 1 with initial vowel perhaps from grandfather entry 1 Keep scrolling for more Learn More about gaffer Share gaffer Post the Definition of gaffer to Facebook Share the Definition of gaffer on Twitter Time Traveler for gaffer.

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Definition of gaffer.